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Michelle F. Solomon

The character Dona Herminia (role played by the actor Paulo Gustavo) in the movie


The character Dona Herminia (role played by the actor Paulo Gustavo) in the movie "My Mother is a Character 3".

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021 with the event "25 Years in 25 Films," The Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival. Between June 3 and July 29, people in Brazil and throughout the American territory, from Puerto Rico to Alaska, can watch, free of charge, 25 feature films that have marked the history of Brazilian cinema and the international film festivals worldwide in recent decades.

The films will stream at, the first global streaming platform devoted to the Brazilian audiovisual with sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. The titles are available with subtitles for 24 hours, once unlocked.



"O Quatrilho," nominated to the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

The "25 Years in 25 Films" includes blockbusters, documentaries, award-winning films, and auteur films. From the classic "City of God"(Cidade de Deus) by Fernando Meirelles, which airs Saturday, June 5. And also, "O Quatrilho," nominated to the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film to the blockbuster "My Mother is a Character" (Minha mãe é uma peça), directed by Susana Garcia and starring Paulo Gustavo. Films by Walter Carvalho, Mauro Lima, Helena Solberg, Carla Camurati, and Sérgio Rezende, among other directors, are movie gems of the program. To watch them, register and log in to the


Poster from the movie


Poster from the movie "City of God" (Cidade de Deus) by Fernando Meirelles.

In the fall, the 25th edition of the Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival will return in a hybrid format, with online and on-site sessions in New York and Miami, from Sept. 4 to 18.

As a pioneer in the promotion and dissemination of Brazilian cinema in the international market, the Inffinito Film Festival has been holding events, exhibitions, and film festivals in beautiful cities around the world, such as Miami, New York, London, Vancouver, Rome, Milan, Frascati, Madrid, Barcelona, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Canudos and Bogota. The circuit has screened over 1,200 films to more than 2 million people in 87 editions, thus creating a solid relationship with the international consumer of the Brazilian audiovisual product.



Saturday, June 5
"City of God" by Fernando Meirelles

Tuesday, June 8
"Mutum" by Sandra Kogut

Thursday, June 10
"Raul – The Beginning, the End and the Middle" by Walter Carvalho

Saturday, June 12
"The Kiss" by Murilo Benício

Tuesday, June 15
"Loki- Arnaldo Baptista" by Paulo Henrique Fontenelle

Thursday, June 17
"João O Maestro" by Mauro Farias

Saturday, June 19
"Through Ernesto’s Eyes" by Ana Luiza Azevedo

Tuesday, June 22
"Meeting Sebastião Salgado" by Betse de Paula

Thursday, June 24
"Stomach – A Gastronomic Story" by Marco Jorge

Saturday, June 26
"Simonal" by Leonardo Domingues

Tuesday, June 29
"Pureza" by Renato Barbieri (Only in US)

Thursday, July 1
"Bufo & Spallanzani" by Flávio Tambellini

Saturday, July 3
"The Quartet" by Fábio Barreto

Tuesday, July 6
"Urban Snap-Shots" by Miguel Falabella

Thursday, July 8
"Carmen Miranda: Bananas Is My Business" by Helena Solberg

Saturday, July 10
"My Mom is a Character 3" by Susana Garcia

Tuesday, July 13
"Window of the Soul" by João Jardim e Walter Carvalho

Thursday, July 15
"Running After" by Jefferson De (Only in US)

Saturday, July 17
"Almost Brothers" by Lucia Murat

Tuesday, July 20
"Latitude Zero" by Tony Venturi

Thursday, July 22
"Copacabana" by Carla Camurati

Saturday, July 24
"Little Secret" by David Schurmann

Tuesday, July 27
"O Paciente: o caso Tancredo Neves" by Sergio Rezende (Only in US)

Thursday, July 29
"Viva Sapato!" by Luiz Carlos Lacerda

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