Documenta II: Religiosity & Civilization Latin American Art Pavilion

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The Pompano Beach Cultural Center Presents Documenta II: Religiosity and CivilizationLatin American Art Pavilion Exhibit Reflects All Beliefs in Stunning Paintings, Photographs and Prints POMPANO BEACH, FLA. The Pompano Beach Cultural Center, in collaboration with the Latin American Art Pavilion (LAAP), presents a glorious new exhibit curated by Anaibis Yero, featuring the art work of over a dozen acclaimed photographers, painters and printmakers. Documenta is an annual exhibition the Latin American Art Pavilion has created to be a social message through the visual arts. This year's theme has been "Religiosity - Civilization."

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"Religiosity is defined as the religious activity, devotion and belief of each person. It is the inner reflection that each believer offers about what he venerates in a spiritual way," explained Maria Napoles, founder of LAAP.This exhibit addresses broad and complicated issues that affect the social life, the philosophical world and the religious aspect of human beings. Through each artist's vision, viewers are introduced to various religious expressions, scenes and interpretations. The result is a great mosaic of faith that although its rituals are specific to each of the religious beliefs, they all point towards the same goal.The works on display include photographs from many of the artists' travels and feature the baobab tree in Africa, the Naga in Cambodia, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, men in prayer by the Wailing Wall in Israel and Cashmere Muslim women. There are also collaborations between artists from different hemispheres, which reflect the true spirit of the collection."This is a fascinating tour of the world's major religious and cultures," said Phyllis Korab, Pompano Beach Cultural Affairs Department director. "Through these captured moments in time, we become intimately aware of the beliefs and conditions that define the social and philosophical development of the individual."Featured artists include Luis Castaneda, Carlos Bueno, Ivonette Leite, Mila Mori, Pamella Herpio, Vilma Volcanes, Marta Cabane-Navarro, Luis Cabrera, Guillermo Portieles, Luis Valle, Sheila Fraga, David Velazquez, Diego Cano, Luisa Fernanda Linares and Teo Beceiro.


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