Three Hysterical Broads...Off Their Medication

Saturday, Oct 20, 2018 at 8:00 PM - English

What happens when you put three of the most talented women in stand-up comedy together and then take away the one thing that helped each of them cope with kids, relationships, divorce, mortgages, life, etc.? You get Three Hysterical Broads...Off Their Medication, a stand-up show that will give you an inside look at the comedic minds of three of the most hysterical women to ever hit the stage.

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Sheba Mason - Born into a theatrical family, Sheba has been performing since the age of two where she sat in her high chair and drank from her bottle. Eventually, the bottle turned into a microphone, and Sheba has not left the stage since.

Valerie Storm - This gal got her first laugh on stage at 5 in the Little Miss Fort Myers Beauty Pageant, after an interviewer asked if she liked school she answered: “Hell no, I'd rather stay home and watch cartoons”. The audience exploded and she had found her calling. After completely crushing her Mother’s hopes for a future Miss America, she went on to become a stand-up comic in 1997.

Vanessa Hollingshead – This is the quintessential New Yorker. As a child, she spent a year at Millbrook Mansion with her father as he introduced the Beatles to LSD. After an accidental “trip” of her own when she was five, she returned to her mother’s care. Throw in two years on a commune, two years in London with her dad, a decade of temp work… Vanessa’s angst was complete. An exquisite comedian was born.


Aventura Arts & Cultural Center
3385 NE 188 Street, Aventura, FL 33180 (Map)

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