The Classics

SBCE Turns 20

MUSIC: Some rock groups have staying power that spans decades. True to form, many string quartets do the same. The South Beach Chamber Ensemble is a fine example. Steve Gladstone has the review.

Arts at Large

Wanna Make A Miami Film?

FILM: Always wanted to be a filmmaker? Have a great idea, but don't know where to go with it? Miami's Borscht could be your ticket. Michelle F. Solomon has the story.

Artist Spotlight

A Response to Creativity Crisis

ART: Artists from ProjectArt will display work that is a culmination of what they've created with students at libraries across the region. Monica Torres has the story of ProjectArt Miami.

Arts at Large

'Miami Rocks' at HistoryMiami

ART: Before there was Woodstock, there was Miami Pop. An exhibition of photos from the festival is on display at HistoryMiami.

Arts at Large

Miami, Mexico Dance Companies Build 'Bridges'

DANCE: A Miami dance company and dance companies from Mexico collaborate to present an evening that is meant to enlighten, and send a message. Cameron Basden has the story.

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