The Christians

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Winner of the 2016 Outer Critics Circle Award and the 2016 Obie Award, The Christians is a soul-searching examination of conscience about the crisis of faith. When the pastor of a megachurch, in the middle of a Sunday sermon, departs drastically from traditional Church doctrine, it provokes a deeply personal struggle within those around him. What if everything you've been taught to be true is wrong? When should we follow religious and moral authority figures, and when should we walk away?“This play, while set in a Protestant Christian church, creates a dialogue that transcends religion, and is incredibly poignant at this time in our nation,” said Skye Whitcomb, Outré’s Artistic Director and the director of the production.

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“The thing that strikes me most about The Christians is that for all the struggle that the characters go through, there is no ‘bad guy.’ Every one of these characters is coming from a place of personal truth, of belief, and they struggle with reconciling the differences in their beliefs. There’s this heartbreaking distance between them that tugs at the soul. And one of the most wrenching questions that the play forces us to contemplate is what we should do when those we love believe something that is not only different from what we believe, but believe something that we feel is actually dangerous.” In Hnath’s play, Pastor Paul has guided his congregation through the years, from its origins as a tiny storefront church to today’s beautiful new megachurch with thousands of congregants. Now, on a Sunday, in the middle of his sermon, Paul is about to challenge one of his congregation’s most fundamental beliefs.

What do you do when you realize that you’ve been lied to? If the stakes are eternity, how far are you willing to follow those you love?

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