Brazilian Movies by Female Filmmakers in the Spotlight

Virtual Film Festival Has 25 Films, 13 Shorts

A scene from the film


A scene from the film "Reviver."

Michelle F. Solomon

"Women in Brazilian Audiovisual," a free online event, is showing 25 feature films and 13 shorts by renowned Brazilian filmmakers.

Among them, Anna Muylaert, Rosane Svartman, Tizuka Yamasaki, Sandra Kogut, Mini Kerti, Sabrina Rosa, Flávia Castro, Christiane Jatahy, Adriana L. Dutra, and Tata Amaral. According to the organizers, the films represent the female presence in the audiovisual and provoke reflection on gender equality in the sector. Some movies are must-see classics, and others are premieres.

A scene from


A scene from "Quero Botar Meu Bloco na Rua."

Feature films run at scheduled times, and once they are started, viewers must watch within 4 hours. In addition to the classics directed, produced or written by women, the series highlights premieres, such as "E Além de Tudo me Deixou Mudo o Violão," by Anna Muylaert; "Quero Botar Meu Bloco na Rua", by Adriana L. Dutra; and "Reviver", by Patricia Niedermeier.

The shorts are available for viewing any time until the end of the exhibition on July 13.

"The exhibition 'Women in the Brazilian Audiovisual' shines a spotlight on women in the sector. It aims to recognize their talents and expand the debate on the importance of equality in the industry," says the event's curator, Adriana L. Dutra, who has held for 25 years the Inffinito Festival Circuit, along with partners, Cláudia Dutra and Viviane B. Spinelli.

"The history of the audiovisual industry, excluding women, reflects a patriarchal society long urged to renew its values.

Women are gaining space and recognition, but their participation is still small, given the number of Brazilian productions. According to the last survey conducted by Ancine in 2016, women directed only 19% of Brazilian films released in that year, and no black woman has ever officially directed a feature film. Female screenwriters represent 15%, and executive producers have the highest percentage with 39 percent, while the direction of photography represents only 5% of the market.

The INFF - Inffinito Film Festival, which started last month with the screening series "Domingos Oliveira," had an audience of 11,000 people. INFF is part of the Inffinito Festival Circuit, a pioneer of international Brazilian film events that, for the last 25 years, produced the Brazilian Film Festival in several cities worldwide.  - Miami, New York, London, Vancouver, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Frascati, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Bogotá, and Canudos (Bahia). The program includes lives with producers, directors, screenwriters, and actresses on the participating films such as Thalita Rebouças, Sandra Kogut, Monja Coen, Sabrina Rosa, Luana Piovani, Lucy Barreto and Gabriela Amaral Almeida.

(The Brazilian Film Festival of Miami is confirmed and hoping it can host its 24th edition in theaters  September 12 to 19, 2020.)

Films and synopsis for the virtual fest are available at


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