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Netflix's 'Boys' Gives Slick Face-Lift To Landmark Gay Play

MOVIES: Adapted from the 2018 Broadway revival headlined by Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer and Zachary Quinto, which opened within two weeks of the play's 50th anniversary, "The Boys in the Band" arrives on Netflix.

Movie Reviews

'Words on Bathroom Walls' illuminating Take on Serious Subject Matter

FILM: "Words" finds the writing on the wall but veers away from preachy approach. Michelle Solomon has the review.

Movie Reviews

Hornet 'Nest': '80s Marital Anxiety Tale Gets Under Your Skin

MOVIES: "Nest" may be a good film to ease you back into going back to the movie theater. And its 1980s setting will make you forget all about 2020.

Artist Spotlight

Miami Artists to Mask Up Their Street Art

ART: It's been done in Atlanta and now it's coming to Miami. Street artists making yet another statement with their work.

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What's Happening: Enjoy Local Arts

WHAT'S HAPPENING:What arts groups are doing to keep you entertained while your staying indoors or outdoors social distancing. has the list.

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