The Jews May Be Bad, But Laughs Terrific

GableStage's Bad Jews Delights

Roger Martin, ATCA


You can trust GableStage's Joe Adler to bring to town the most acerbic plays he can find, and this time, with Bad Jews, he's out Adlered Adler.

Jonah, his brother Liam, and Daphna are cousins in their twenties. It's the night after their grandfather's funeral. Jonah and Daphne attended. Liam was in Vail, skiing with his waspy blonde girl friend, Melody.

Daphna, in a brilliant performance by Natalie Coego, harangues the other three about their failures and her successes, their lack of faith and her total immersion in Judaism. When you read this it all sounds sort of boring, but Joshua Harmon's script, Joe Adler's direction and the skill of the four actors make this ninety minute one act a pure delight.

Mark Della Ventura is Jonah. His wealthy parents have bought him his own Manhattan condo and why not? He deserves it, they can afford it. So he sprawls around in his boxers, plays video games, and please, don't let anyone bother him or get him involved. And Della Ventura's subtleness and presence is such that the merest twitch of a lip tells a story.

David Rosenberg is the pragmatic Liam, wound with a furious energy, matching Daphna's vile rantings with venom that would shame a snake.

Lexi Langs is the perfect target, Melody, a somewhat trained opera singer who wings an astounding rendition of Summertime across the theater. She's the outsider infringing, appalled at the vocal violence, and caught in the middle of a fight for a treasured heirloom.

There's a ton of agony in Bad Jews, but, believe me, you'll be laughing anyway.

This is GableStage, so as you might expect, Lyle Baskin's set, Jeff Quinn's lighting, Matt Corey's sound and Ellis Tillman's costumes are all of the very best.

See Bad Jews through Dec. 21 at
GableStage at the Biltmore, 1200 Anastasia Avenue, Coral Gables.
305-445-1119 -

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