Loop Diaries: An Immersive Exhibition

Next date: Nov 27, 2021 - click here for time schedule - English

An immersive exhibition featuring video vignette.

The Contemporary Art Modern Project is thrilled to announce our November exhibition, Galician artist Bego M. Santiago's Loop Diarios projected onto the gallery's walls.

The series functions as a childhood diary re-written by a present-day adult, forging an intimate and sincere reflection on the mundane phenomena that constructs the Self: family, society, and experience.

The Berlin-based artist's interdisciplinary production specializes in the use of light as a pictorial and sculptural tool. Santiago's work explores the feedback between the real and the represented, through playing with dichotomies such as: real/false, presence/absence and original/copy. Light is for her a tool of simulation and optical illusion capable of giving life to inanimate objects, blurring the boundaries between reality and representation, presence and absence.

Loop Diaries, projected onto the walls of The CAMP Gallery like never before, will be Santiago's first solo exhibition in Miami.


The CAMP Gallery
791 NE 125 St, Miami, FL 33161 (Map)

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