I, Me & Myself

Next date: Jul 20, 2024 - click here for time schedule - Spanish

"I, Me & Myself" presents a selection of Andreina's work centered on the idea of identity construction through ready-made and collage techniques. It involves the subjective creation of identity by combining elements from the artist's family genealogy, art history, and popular culture. It serves as a brave and honest testimony, with Andreina presenting herself publicly, as reflected in the exhibition's name, "Me, Myself & I". The exhibition opens on July 13 at the Arts Connection Foundation gallery.

Curated by Gerardo Zavarce and Felix Suazo, the exhibition includes photographs, videos, objects, and printed materials. Zavarce, who has closely followed the artist's career, notes that this identity construction process has been one of evolution and transformation. "These characters contain references to one another, some obvious and others more subtle. They have traces like very subtle self-portraits, accompanied by stories and objects. It is the construction of a character and the variable construction of an identity, using collage critically, alongside ready-made." Zavarce explained, highlighting the critical dilemmas related to the fragility of roles and gender.


Arts Connection Foundation
676 NW 23rd St. Miami, FL 33127, Miami, FL 33127 (Map)

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