Jazz Immersion Workshop Series

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The Jazz Immersion Workshop offers an introduction and exploration of harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic techniques of jazz improvisation. Scales, modes, chords, harmonic progressions, and melodic/intervallic patterns will be taught using both a theoretical and aural approach. Students will be provided with listening examples each week to do outside of class. Additionally, emphasis will be put on pratical application and playing. Students will apply the improvisational concepts in a practical manner each week through playing together. Be sure to bring your instrument to class!

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A basic understanding of fundamental music theory, specifically intervals and major scales, is highly recommended before taking this course. Likewise, a basic understanding and proficiency in rhythm and the ability to play in time with a metronome is highly recommended.

Course Objectives/Learning Outcomes:

  • Good Practice Habits.
  • Understanding of the modes of major and melodic minor scales.
  • Ability to analyze jazz standards and chord progressions using roman numerals.
  • Ability to solo over a twelve-bar blues and basic jazz standards.
  • Develop chord/scale recognition and bebop, blues, and and pentatonic vocabulary.
  • Develop rhythmic awareness and vocabulary.

Class Schedule:

  • Rhythm: duple and triple subdivisions | Major scale and its modes.
  • Twelve Bar Blues | ii-V-l progressions.
  • Pentatonic scales | Melodic minor scale and its modes.
  • Bebop devices and chromaticism | Transposing melodic motifs through the harmony.
  • Upper Stuctures | Tritone Substitutions.
  • Rhythmic development and syncopation | Motivic development.
  • Review of topics covered | Performance.


Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach
411 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 (Map)

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