Lights Up On Stage

The Carbonells Go On, Virtually

AWARDS: The 44th annual Carbonell Awards will be held virtually this year, but gowns are still allowed. Michelle F. Solomon has the story.

Editors Picks

What's Happening: Enjoy Local Arts

WHAT'S HAPPENING:What arts groups are doing to keep you entertained while your staying indoors or outdoors social distancing. has the list.

Movie Reviews

Make Up Your Own Mind About 'The Secret: Dare To Dream'

MOVIES: Yes, "The Secret: Dare to Dream" is a sappy, positive vibe family movie, but isn't that what we kind of need right now? Michelle F. Solomon says the choice is yours on this one.

Artist Spotlight

Three High School Students Change Lives Through Arts

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Three local students are awarded 2020 Silver Knight Awards, which honors community service and academic accomplishments of high school seniors. We're spotlighting the winners in three arts categories.

Lights Up On Stage

Pioneer Winter's Dance Partnership with Arsht Involves Community

DANCE: A collaboration between Miami choreographer Pioneer Winter and the Adrienne Arsht Center gives voice through dance to Florida's diverse LGBTQ+ community. Diana Dunbar has the story.

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