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The Pack at the Center of 'The Wolves' At Zoetic Stage

THEATER: Zoetic Stage's 'The Wolves' takes a deep dive look into the complex psyches of a group of girls on a high school soccer team. Michelle F. Solomon has the story.

The Classics

String Quartet Continues to Rock the Chapel

MUSIC: With its Gothic shaped arches, its beautiful space, and excellent acoustics, the Ancient Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach made for a choice venue for a a robust performance for the South Beach Chamber Ensemble. Steve Gladstone has the review.

The Classics

National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine Visits Miami

MUSIC: Ukraine is in the news, but Miami gets to see the musical side of the country as the National Symphony of Ukraine comes to the Adrienne Arsht Center this weekend. Marvin Glassman has a preview.

Lights Up On Stage

Three Years Later: A Look at Dimensions Dance

DANCE: Three years after its initial introductory performance in November of 2016, Dimensions Dance Theater of Miami has grown in multiple ways. See them in action Saturday. Cameron Basden visits the rehearsal studio.

Editors Picks

Revisiting Original Play '22:22'

THEATER: A small, Miami theater company produces a show by a Mexico City based playwright that's full of introspective. But you don't have to speak Spanish to enjoy it. They've translated it in English, with shows in English and Spanish. Michelle F. Solomon has the story of "22:22."

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