Danelle Pino, Gallery Director of WYN317

Gallery Spotlights Miami Urban Landscape

Heike Dempster

When did WYN317 open?

WYN 317 had a private soft opening event with friends, family and the artists on July 26, 2013. The grand opening for the public followed on Aug. 10. Artists Atomik, Kazilla, Ivan Roque, Astre 74, Diana Contreras, and Registered Artist exhibited for both events.

What is your position at the gallery?

Kazilla at the WYN317 Opening.


Kazilla at the WYN317 Opening.

I’m proud to be the owner, director and curator of WYN 317. Since the gallery is still very new, I’m the go-to person for all day-to-day business. Each day I dedicate time to selecting artists, hanging artwork and communicating through social media. I frequently meet with artists and art enthusiasts to plan future acquisitions and exhibitions at the gallery.

What is the mission/ concept of the gallery?

It’s the gallery’s mission to spotlight Miami’s unique urban landscape by providing an authentic space for up-and-coming, mid-career, and established native and international artists to interconnect with local legends. This exhibition and event venue emphasizes aesthetics ranging from the area’s graffiti culture to a wide array of vibrant pop art. The gallery takes pride in delivering art cultivated in Miami neighborhoods. WYN 317 provides a perspective that keeps you connected to the community.

What is the significance of the gallery name?

I love the Wynwood neighborhood and really wanted my gallery’s name to reflect it. Since there’s no other business name in the area incorporating both the name and the zip code, I chose WYN for Wynwood and added the first, middle and last number of its zip code (33127).

Which artists do you represent?

I represent artists who are passionate about their art and are open to suggestions. I also appreciate an artist that is present at openings and enjoys interaction with patrons interested in their art. Some of the artists I work closely with are Pete Kirill, Ivan Roque, GG, Atomik, Registered Artist, and Chris Riggs. All of the artists I represent share these qualities. My goal is to promote the work showcased at WYN 317 during, before and after the completion of his or her exhibition.

Registered Artist at WYN317.


Registered Artist at WYN317.

Please tell us more about the current solo exhibition by GG.

GG is a 24-year-old local artist with national and international recognition. His current solo exhibition at WYN 317 titled Fado 101 will run until March 1. This exhibition illustrates the artist’s learning process through the character, Fado. GG uses symbolism and various characters, to create a unique language. The one constant character throughout his work is Fado. Fado is the artist’s tool for learning and understanding life, but more importantly, serves as a means of personal expression. The pieces in this exhibition represent diverse topics such as popular culture, social issues and the artist’s personal experiences.

How has the Wynwood experience been for the gallery?

Wynwood is a vibrant, centrally located artistic community populated by many artists and art enthusiasts. The creative energy here has been wonderful for the gallery and the artists it represents. A large eclectic group of people visits this neighborhood on a daily basis significantly increasing exposure for the featured artists. WYN 317 looks forward to many more experiences as it grows and evolves along with its surroundings.

Art by Kazilla at WYN317.


Art by Kazilla at WYN317.

What positive and negative changes are you observing in Wynwood?

Since WYN 317 opened, I personally have only seen positive changes in Wynwood. The monthly art walk every second Saturday is great because it brings a diverse group of people that don’t visit the area frequently. Wynwood is also the destination for an increased number of tourists and art collectors. Businesses are growing and hopefully will continue to do so to benefit the whole community.

What is your target market?

I don’t really have a specific target market because art is very personal. It’s been my experience that collectors as well as occasional buyers of artworks come in all ages and backgrounds. Just as the art exhibited at WYN 317 is diverse, so are the people purchasing or showing interest in the art.

What is your relationship with established and also with young Miami collectors?

I have become friends with a lot of great collectors since WYN 317 opened. I’ve also been able to assist established as well as young Miami collectors expand their collection by introducing them to unique local art they may not have discovered anywhere else.

Can you share some info on upcoming exhibitions please?

Art by GG at WYN317.


Art by GG at WYN317.

I’m very excited about WYN 317’s next exhibition opening March 6. It will showcase all local female street artists as a tribute to International Women’s Month. The overall theme to be interpreted artistically will be the essence of female empowerment. Future shows to follow include the first photography exhibition at WYN 317 and several group shows with varying themes. Check our website for further details as they become available.

How do you choose the artists and exhibition themes?

I always look at every artist’s potential and try to determine if his or her work is a good fit for the gallery and its clients. Once I decide to showcase the artist’s work, I will meet with him or her to discuss the possibilities, themes and dates for an exhibition. This includes making sure that the theme is sufficiently unique to attract interest among followers of art.

Is there anything else you would like to share about Wyn317?

I pride myself in making WYN 317 accessible to all artists as well as all patrons of art. The gallery looks forward to meeting and working with new artists in the future. I encourage anyone interested to visit the gallery or to send an email to WYN 317 hopes to continue evolving and adding to art networks all around the world.

All photos by Heike Dempster.

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