Heating up Summer with Pure Flamenco

Ballet Flamenco La Rosa Presents Programs Over Two Consecutive Weekends


Diana Dunbar

Ballet Flamenco La Rosa, Miami’s renowned flamenco dance company, is adding more heat to the summer with two programs which highlights flamenco in its purest form. “ Alma Flamenca” and “ Fuerza Flamenca” are composed of artists from Spain, Latin America and the United States. Each program features a different aspect of traditional flamenco but together they form a complete picture of the art form.

Ballet Flamenco La Rosa was founded in the 1980s by Ilisa Rosal and soon became a beacon for artists and flamenco enthusiasts. In addition to presenting traditional flamenco, the company also explored flamenco fusion such a flamenco- African dance and flamenco -Arabic. “We explored that path for a long time,” says Rosal. The result was an interesting array of performances which showcased the wide span of flamenco. The art form itself is a combination of different elements from various cultures which developed over several centuries from Gypsy, Moorish, Andalusian and other roots. Traditional flamenco consists of song, dance and instrumental ( mostly guitar ) music .

“Alma Flamenca” focuses on the more lyrical aspect of flamenco- such as the use of the skirt and shawl. More arm movements as well as footwork are employed. “Fuerza Flamenca” concentrates on the strength and power of flamenco, “ Both programs will have the range of flamenco artistic capabilities,” says Rosal.

Rosal had just returned from a trip to Spain when we spoke. She is returning to teaching after a two-year hiatus dealing with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

She emphasized the importance of training for a flamenco dancer and the necessity of learning the full range of flamenco beyond the footwork. Her classes explore arms, lines, range of styles and skirt and shawl work. She looks to examine the power of flamenco and the “wide range of the art form- the depth of expression.” Her mission for the school is to educate the public and train dancers.

This summer, the school will host Omayra Amaya, a well-known international teacher and dancer, to guest teach. The school offers a full range of classes including ballet, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary dance. It also has classes in music, music writing and acting. The studio is located behind Rosal’s home and offers a nurturing environment for all students, according to its founder.

Rosal speaks with reverence about traditional flamenco. She says it’s very authentic and real without being overly commercialized. “Flamenco is a very visceral art form with a lot of spontaneity. It comes from a deep place- from the soul.”

“Both evenings will connect with the soul of pure Flamenco music and dance. Audiences can expect a breathtaking theater experience full of its earthy power, spellbinding movement, subtle nuances and explosive energy,” says Rosal.

“Alma Flamenca” and “Fuerza Flamenca” offer an excellent way in which to experience pure flamenco. Each program consists of four dancers, two singers, and a guitarist and is a collaboration between all the artists. It’s a wonderful opportunity to take in a centuries- old art form. Why not start off your summer with an exciting and enriching experience?

"Alma Flamenca," Saturday, June 15th at 8 p.m; Aventura Arts and Cultural Center, 3385 N.E. 188th Street, Aventura 33180; Tickets : in advance: VIP $45, General Admission $35; Students and Seniors $25

"Fuerza Flamenca," Saturday. June 22 at 8 p.m; North Beach Bandshell, 7275 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 33141: Tickets: in advance: VIP $45, General Admission $35; Students and Seniors $25

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