'Love Burn' Returns To Virginia Key

Creative Campers Unite

Monica Torres

Love Burn 2015 Art Sculptures.


Love Burn 2015 Art Sculptures.

“Imagination is at the root of art”

A magical light-breathing, bamboo love dragon; a retro psychedelic, musical school bus; a moon chamber echoing voices; a whimsical gingerbread castle cottage; a sweet garden of lollipops; a heartfelt mother tree of whims and wants; a Moroccan lounge with a built in life-sized Asian lantern, and an escape pod ejecting you to your next adventure, no, these aren’t my most ingenious childhood fantasies, they are actually some of the coolest art projects from this year’s annual fest of love, fantasy, and art: The Love Burn 2016.

The Love Burn 2016 First Donation to Permanent Art Garden Inscribed with The Mission Statement.


The Love Burn 2016 First Donation to Permanent Art Garden Inscribed with The Mission Statement.

The installations, fantastically titled Love Dragonus, Interstellar Transmissions, Playa Moon, Fairy Tale Gingerbread Castle Cottage, Lollipop Land, Mother Tree of Wants and Whims, Story of Us, and Escape Pod, respectively, were created by various artists with equally whimsical names including Shamanic Instrumental Trio, Shangri La Wonderland, Hologram, and Sharky. These artists along with many others created their projects concurrent with the theme of this year’s festival, Fairy Tales. Aside from the physical art projects, much of the art at the local rendition of the massive, Nevada desert festival, Burning Man, is interactive. What's the best way to play with others? Play dress up. Guests are encouraged to be kids again and dress up as princesses, princes, wizards, jesters, elves, giants, gnomes, mermaids, witches, or pixies. In fact, there will be a Costume Cabana at the event with costume swaps, workshops and upgrades of glitter, feathers or lace.

Have you ever wanted to be a fairytale character? Well, you’re in luck. The Love Burn is currently registering characters with a questionnaire on their website.

Questions include:

  • Name of Your Fairy Tale Self?
  • Land, water, air, other planet, or sea? Where do you come from? Are you a wizard from the great beyond?
  • An elf from deep forest?
  • A stolen princess locked in a tower?
  • What's your story? Where did you come from?
  • Why are you here? What are your mythic allies?
  • Magical lands of mystery, alien abduction, bitten by spiders, mutated with sharks, ate magic mushrooms…and What is your greatest challenge? What weakens you and your powers?
  • Those who include a super, fantastical drawing of their character may be featured in the event guide.



Imagination is at the root of art. The mission statement for The Love Burn reads, “To grow a happy prosperous community that encourages interactive art.” The hippie festival not only encourages exploration of your unfiltered imaginative inner child, but it also promotes the values of the original: Radical Inclusion (leave no one out), Gifting (give unconditionally), Decommodification (no ads), Radical Self-reliance (rely on yourself), Radical Self-expression (express yourself), Communal Effort (work together), Civic Responsibility (abide by law), Leaving No Trace (don’t litter), Participation (participate), and Immediacy (being in the moment). Plus there are two regional values: Gratitude (be grateful) and Consent (don’t rape). I think the last one is a given and a law.

  • Does it really need to be stressed as a value, yikes?
  • How about don’t steal, fight or kill?

Set in the beautiful Virginia Key Beach, creative campers will get to experience a mini Burning Man in an actual playa, surrounded by palm trees, sand, and waves. As a result, water sports are also a big aspect of the festivity. Parking is also available for yachts and ships. But keep your pet lemurs and monkeys at home. There are no animals allowed. There will be not time with all the workshops including acroyoga, cosmic dance, body painting, and kung fu. The food is also creatively conjured with one of the art installations titled Edible Orgasm described as “a multi-faceted buffet of culinary radical expression.”

This is one of many regional spin offs of the original Burning Man, and it was created by a couple, Prosperity and Quantum Glen, who fell in love at one of the festivals, hence the “Happily Ever After” theme and name, The Love Burn.

So get in touch with your inner child at The Love Burn. To all ye princes and princesses, heroes and heroines, warriors and warrior ladies, wizards, genies, mermaids and gnomes may the force be with you this weekend! The magical festival brining lots of good vibes to South Florida takes place Thursday, Jan. 28 to Sunday, Jan. 31

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