Dutch Artist Lights Up Sculptures Poolside at W South Beach

Tim Boin Unveils 'Geometry is Life'


Michelle F. Solomon

Dutch artist Tim Boin has been called the master of light. His latest collection, which he is debuting at the W South Beach during 2019 Miami Art Week, "Geometry is Life," was designed specifically to be shown not inside the Miami Beach Convention Center, where the lion's share of art is,, but at the W Hotel on South Beach.


"I need sundown. I need the dark. This collection is inspired by light. All elements will be enhanced by light, either natural or artificial. So much of that aspect is hard to do in a fair setting where you have white walls and lots of art."

He also imparts his beliefs about geometry into his works.


"I am very passionate about geometry," Boin says. It's basically the language of our universe. It's what connects everyone and everything in existence and, to that end, everything comes down to five elements. I like to tell stories through my art and explore these elements to let people know that nothing is random. It is all part of one big universe and the language of it.

Produced by Sober Industries, a Dutch multimedia company specializing in visual and immersive experiences, "Geometry is Life," is specifically designed as a futuristic, visual sensory experience to capture realism in the subject using geometric designs.

" 'Geometry is Life' is a visualization of the connection between geometry and the visual language that arises. Everything in life is based on balance. Geometry is the key to balance, according to the laws of the universe,” said Boin.


He explains that his art is a mix of his penchant for old craftmanship and new technology. "I've combined these two into creating art pieces." His sometimes larger-than-life sculptures show up one way in the daytime, and then using projection mapping, something static he says comes alive to tell a story at night.

Using 3D Mapping, Boin literally and figuratively sheds light on his geometric sculptures.

"Art is such a strong medium to inspire and educate and amaze and to let people explore. Art is an opinion and if you don't like it as well, it hits you in another way and it still raises questions."

Boin's collection at the W South Beach will feature works poolside. "I am going to have eleven new pieces from very large sculptures of 12 feet to very small ones at 1 foot."

He's also going to unveil a few secrets that he's keeping under wraps until the show opens.


"All I will say is this the people who I have shown this to, well, their jaws dropped."

VIP Opening Reception on Wednesday, Dec. 4 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the W South Beach beside their palm tree-lined pool side. W South Beach, 2201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. The exhibit is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 3 through Friday, Dec. 6.

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