Spotlight on Artist Ana Andras

Miami Beach Artist Creates Work From Her Surroundings


Michelle F. Solomon

Ana Andras grew up in Madrid, Spain. She began creating sketches in ink and watercolor when she met the Urban Sketchers group from Orlando in Miami Beach, where she lives. She began drawing with them on Ocean Drive and says she found her medium, fast drawing and outdoors.

See's interview with artist Ana Andras. What is your artistic medium?

Ana Andras: Sketches in ink and watercolor


maz: Who or what are your influences?
AA: I have been painting since I was 16 years old in Madrid, my influence was all the Spanish Painters. I visited El Prado Museum several times at year during my school years. I started painting in local studios in Madrid. I am influenced from Dali and Picasso even that my style is not comparable.

maz: What inspires your work?
AA: I am inspired by the classic architecture in general, it is like the buildings can talk to me. The historical buildings have a story to tell, a history of many years, and I try to capture that story in my drawings. Here in Miami Beach , Art Deco buildings are the icons, the buildings have influenced the life of their visitors, and the history of this town through the years.



maz: How does Miami/South Florida influence your work?
AA: I was not familiar with Deco Art until I came to South Beach. I am fascinated by the square shapes, the straight lines and pastel colors of the Deco Art. I decided to go to Ocean Drive and Collins, almost every day to capture on paper the story behind these deco buildings.

maz: How would you describe your work?
AA: It is carefree, naive, with bright colors, as nature has given us.

maz: What was your “aha” moment where you knew that you had “arrived” as an artist?
AA: I have not arrived yet. I still have a path in front of me , I am not sure if I will ever say that I have arrived to be an "artist".



maz: What would you like to achieve as an artist?
AA: To sell my work. I love when a person chooses one of my pieces to be exhibited in their home and being admired for years to come.

maz: Is there something you would like to create that you have not yet?
AA: Yes, I would like to create bigger art pieces with the style of sketching.

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