Theatre Reviews

'Starcatcher' Brightly Entertaining

"Peter and the Starcatcher" is a two and a half hour feast of music, dancing and joking in a play that would delight most any child. And certainly all adults with a sense of humor. Roger Martin reviews.

Feature News

Book It!

The Miami Book Fair International gears up for November with its literary feast of riches. Irene Sperber has the details.

Editors Picks

Café Dolly is Groundbreaking

One of the greatest living American artists is spending some time in SoFla. And it's the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale's museum creator whose got him. Michelle F. Solomon has the story.

Movie Reviews

Free Us from Stale 'Liberator'

Director Alberto Arvelo's "The Liberator" is a history lesson that's more like a big-budget telenovela with delusions of grandeur. See it if you must. Ruben Rosario reviews.

Movie Reviews

Blame Canada!

Clerks director veers in a different direction for his latest, Tusk, a mad experiment that could achieve a cult following. Ruben Rosario has the review.

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