MAZ Interview

Conversations With The General

Laura Lee Huttenbach's backpacking trip along the African east coast led her to Japhlet Thambu, an 85-year-old tea farmer who went by the name, The General. A new book by the Miami Beach resident chronicles the journey.

Movie Reviews

Documentary Amy Is Achievement

Amy, the documentary by director Asif Kapadia, about British jazz-soul-pop singer Amy Winehouse is a riveting account and a music-film accomplishment. Michelle Solomon has the review.

A View From a Broad

A View from Down There

So much talk about vaginas lately. Let's get frank. Anna Collins has A View from a Broad.

Movie Reviews

Magic Mike XXL: Gyrating Life Coaches

Let's not be a tease about it. Here's what Magic Mike XXL most decidedly isn't: a retread of Steven Soderbergh's 2012 capitalists-in-thongs romp. Ruben Rosario has the review.

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