Movie Reviews

Declaration of Independence

French import Girlhood mixes social commentary with a coming-of-age fable and presents an honest view of one girl's growing up. Ruben Rosario has the review.

Theatre Reviews

A Guy's Just Gotta Get a Girl

Doing what they do best, Actors' Playhouse has mounted a musical that's close to the top of an all star list.

A View From a Broad

Fashions de la Dodo

I was recently having a conversation with a friend about how outlandish women's fashion can be. Anna Collins has the view from a broad.

The Classics

TCO Explores Complex Mahler

The Cleveland Orchestra delivers with gusto the hammer blow of Mahler Symphony No. 6 ("Tragic"). Steve Gladstone has the review.

Arts at Large

Marfa: The Town Donald Judd Corralled

If you are not familiar with the weighty implications in the art world of the teensy Texas town of Marfa, near the Mexican border, please take a moment. Irene Sperber takes a journey.

Artist Spotlight

Miami Architect Displays Creative Side

Robert Swedroe's collages range from romantic, story-telling “narratives” to geometric constructions harkening to today's technology to mind-jarring surrealism. Roberta Klein profiles the artist.

Arts at Large

ArtServe's Art=Antidote To Hate Opens

ArtServe's second annual art = antidote to hate celebrates respect, equality and diversity through art. An online gallery lets the public pick winners.

Theatre Reviews

Ghosts and the Slightly Damaged

There's a lot of crazy characters in Uncertain Terms at Arts Garage, and all very well-acted by a cast of veteran actors. Roger Martin reviews.

Arts at Large

Art, Cycling Collide In Coral Gables

The third annual ArtCycle exhibit, this year focusing on “Cyclists Matter,” highlights new work from thirty artists, reflecting 15 countries. Irene Sperber has a preview.

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