Feature News

An Animated Conversation

FEATURE NEWS: The MIA/Animation Conference and Festival only began in 2010. In a short time, the concept has exploded at Miami Dade College. Irene Sperber has the story.

The Art of Dining

Glass and Vine Shines in the Grove

FOOD: Miami born chef Giorgio Rapicavoli is getting well deserved accolades and attention for his latest venture into the local culinary milieu. Ed Fisher has the review.

Movie Reviews

Wedding Doll Sweetly Touching

FILM: The Israeli film, Wedding Doll, the story of Hagit (Moran Rosenblatt), a dreamer of a girl with learning disabilities, is as intriguing as the small wedding dolls she makes. Michelle F. Solomon has a review.

Arts at Large

Artificial Intelligence

EXPERIENCE: Miami joins other cities across the world: Berlin, Milano, São Paulo, Moscow, and Paris with Remote Miami. Milagros R. Viquez shares the experience.

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