Feature News

Arsht Unveils 10@10 Commissions

Performing and visual arts groups will create original commissioned works for The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts to celebrate its 10th anniversary. See what's planned.

Movie Reviews

Ghosts of Tinseltown

Map to the Stars fires up director David Cronenberg's creative juices making it the first must-see movie of 2015. Ruben Rosario has the review.

Theatre Reviews

‘Itch' Surprises With Originality

Despite its foundation from a 1950s play and a famous film, Miami Theater Center's "Seven Year Itch" couldn't be more original. Michelle F. Solomon has the review.

A View From a Broad

The Art of Eavesdropping

Want some fascinating FREE entertainment? Try eavesdropping. Anna Collins has the view from a broad.

Movie Reviews

Sealing the Deal

Tomm Moore's latest feature continues the exploration of his home country's mythology the filmmaker started with his debut feature The Secret of Kells. Ruben Rosario has a review of Song of the Sea.

Artist Spotlight

Xu Bing at The Frost Sheer Artistry

The third in a series of FIU exhibitions featuring Chinese artists, Writing Between Heaven and Earth, at the Frost Art Museum is a stunner. Irene Sperber talks to the curator about an exhibit by Artist Xu Bing.

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