The Art of Dining

Culinary Extravaganza Satisfies In Wynwood

Chef Michael Shikany’s restaurant in Wynwood is a culinary extravaganza that is set up to excite both visual and gustatory senses. Ed Fisher gives Shikany a try.

MAZ Interview

Black Jacket Interview

Miami band Black Jacket has plenty to say about the shape of things regarding their music, the state of rock ’n’ roll and Florida’s live music scene. Hali Neal goes one-on-one with the band.

Artist Spotlight

Goran Tomcic Tugs at Heart Strings

Heart Strings, an exhibition by Berlin based artist Goran Tomcic at Dimensions Variable explores and emphasizes one of the main characteristics of the artist’s work: repetition. Heike Dempster reviews.

Movie Reviews

Cabin Fever, Italian-style

It’s a long way from Bernardo Bertolluci’s Last Tango in Paris, but the more modest undertaking of Me and You? has clearly reinvigorated the 73-year-old filmmaker. Ruben Rosario reviews.

Movie Reviews

A Hundred Clichés Ruin Journey

Distracting audience members and a soufflé of cliches add up to a less than satisfying feast in The Hundred-Foot Journey. Ruben Rosario reviews.

The Shape of Things

Band Offering Perks For Venus Campaign

Miami-based band Message to Venus is offering some perks for fans to get in on helping them to fund a new album. Hali Neal has the story.

Arts at Large

Arts at St Johns’ Founder Has Vision

Arts at St Johns founder returns to directorship with renewed vigor and dreams for program’s future. Irene Sperber talks to Carol Hoffman-Guzman.

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