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Q&A With Photographer Alice Goldenhagen Featured At Coral Gables Art Museum

Michelle F. Solomon


Coral Gables-based and Miami-born visual artist and photographer Alice Goldhagen has traveled extensively through the French and Italian countryside and cities, capturing the essence, charm and spirit of these countries. In conjunction with the First Friday Coral Gables Gallery Walk on Friday, from 6 to 10 p.m., Goldhagen's Coral Gables | Mediterranean Dreams will open at the Coral Gables Art Museum. talked to Goldhagen about her photographs and what inspires her. How did you get started?

Alice Goldhagen: I traveled frequently to Europe and gave presentations at the Alliance Francaise and Societa Dante Alighieri of different regions in France and Italy. I have several art degrees from different universities.

maz: Who or what are your influences?

AG: Pierre Bonnard and the Nabis, French Impressionists, and contemporary American ceramics. The cities and countrysides of France and Italy.

maz: What inspired you to begin your work?

AG: My travels to Europe. I need to express myself and am able a to do so with my camera.

maz: How does Miami/South Florida influence what you do?

AG: I’m a well traveled native that grew up in South Florida. The color, beauty, animation, and architecture found in South Florida inspire me everyday. I love the Mediterranean and Art Deco architecture found here. I like living in a tropical environment and it’s important to me to live near the ocean.

maz: How would you describe your work?

AG: Color, decoration, and passion! My images of Paris, Provence, Venice, Liguria,or Sicily for example, feature landscapes, architectural details, doorways, markets, local color, and various unique forms that can only be found in Europe. My images are about color, beauty, animation, and ornamentation with a unique style employing observation and composition bringing the images to life.


maz: Tell us about the upcoming show.

AG: The Coral Gables Museum invited me as part of the Caribee Club. I will exhibit photographs combining the local charm and architecture of Coral Gables with French and Italian influences.

maz: What has been the most "aha" moment in your path as an artist?

AG: I’m able to take photographs wherever I am. I look for beauty.

maz: What is your highest achievement?

AG: Exhibiting at Castello Brown in Portofino (Liguria), Italy.


maz: Talk a bit about the Coral Gables Museum. We do think it is a gem. What does it offer to artists and visitors in your opinion?

AG: The museum documents the history of Coral Gables and George Merrick’s vision, and offers a wide variety of expositions that covers civic issues, historical shows, international topics, fine art expositions. The Caribee Club showcases local artists. There are all kinds of tours as well that the museum sponsors that showcase the city of Coral Gables.

Coral Gables | Mediterranean Dreams, Dec. 1 through Jan. 30, 2018. Opening reception, Friday, Dec. 1 from 6 to 10 p.m. Coral Gables Museum, 285 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables, FL.; See Alice Goldenhagen's works at

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